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Rules Regarding Registration and Student Debt Policy

Implemented Fall 2020, Updated March 22, 2021

Beginning in the Fall 2021 Semester, all student debt from prior semesters must be paid in full before a student may enroll or remain enrolled for the coming semester. Only debt for the current semester will be allowed on the student account. Students with debt from prior semesters will not be able to remain registered or enroll in classes.

For example, before you can attend the Fall 2021 Semester, all debts owed to BYUH from the Spring 2021 Semester or earlier, must be paid in full. In order to attend Winter 2022 Semester, your account balance from the Fall 2021 Semester must be zero, and so on.

If you are unable to register for a semester because of unpaid balances, immediate consequences include:

  • Any registered classes for the coming semester will be dropped.
  • No access to campus housing.
  • No student employment.
  • SEVIS record terminated (for international students).
  • No release of diploma or transcripts (for graduating students).

If you have any student debt, now is the time to be actively working toward eliminating that debt! If you are behind in your payments and need to clear a debt with BYUH, the coming summer break would be a good time to work and pay your debts.

Please contact with any questions. See original announcement in September 10, 2020 Student Bulletin.