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Financial Services

Check Cashing Policy

Check Cashing Policy

Check cashing at BYU-Hawaii is limited to the individuals and circumstances listed below. Each individual must present a valid BYU-Hawaii I.D., state identification card, or driver's license. No third party checks may be cashed.

BYU-Hawaii Students

Currently enrolled BYU-Hawaii students may cash personal .checks up to $300. If the amount exceeds $300, approval must be obtained from the Financial Services Controller, or Assistant Controller. BYU-Hawaii and PCC Payroll checks can be cashed up to $400.

BYU-Hawaii Faculty and Staff

BYU-Hawaii faculty and staff may cash checks up to $400 ( no third party checks with the exception of checks written on Ward or Stake accounts). If the amount is over $400, approval must be obtained by the Financial Services Controller, or Assistant Controller. This does not apply if the faculty or staff member is purchasing traveler's checks or is cashing a check to pay for a purchase made through the Purchasing Department or Travel Services.

When purchasing Traveler Checks or payment for Travel Services. The Cashier Office DOES NOT accept Checks. Customers are NOT ALLOWED to cash check and turn around and purchase Traveler Checks or Travel Service.


1. PCC Payroll checks can be cashed for employees up to $400 limit.2. Personal check will also be cashed for PCC Administrative employees and for BYU-Provo employees who are at BYU-Hawaii providing services for our personnel, subject to the same $400 limit.

For more Cashiers Office information call (808) 675-3718, (808) 675-3724 or (808) 675-3720