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Benefits of Direct Deposit

Benefits of Direct Deposit

BYU–Hawaii Financial Services offers free direct deposit to all BYU–Hawaii employees. With an electronic funds transfer, your paycheck deposit will be available to you when your financial institution opens for business on the payment date. Banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions are eligible to accept such deposits.

Direct Deposit: The SMART Alternative to Standing in Lines!

Here are some advantages of participating in direct deposit:

  • Peace of Mind: With direct deposit, you don't have to worry about receiving your payment late because of mail delays or having your check lost or stolen.
  • Prompt Payment: You will have access to your money earlier, since the deposit will be credited on the payment date, thus eliminating any mail delays.
  • Convenience: If you need cash, simply go to an ATM teller to withdraw cash that has already been deposited to your account!
  • Freedom: Your payment will be automatically deposited to your account, whether you are on vacation, traveling, or ill.
  • Time Savings: with direct deposit, you will have more time to do the things you enjoy since you do not have to make a special trip to deposit your check.
  • Weather Proofing: Many times, bad weather makes getting out to deposit your check inconvenient or even hazardous. Direct deposit by electronic funds transfer eliminates this problem.