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Introduction to PCI-DSS

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are regulations that were created to ensure safe handling of sensitive credit card information and to protect cardholder data from loss or misuse by ensuring the implementation of adequate controls and safeguards to the merchant’s systems and processes.  PCI-DSS was developed by leading credit card companies including American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.  BYU Hawaii has adopted the PCI-DSS to protect and safeguard payment card data received from customers by our employees.

 For more information check out the Official PCI Secuity Standards Council Website.



 Checklist for New PCI Employees


  • Download and read the BYUH PCI Policies PDF prior to starting work in a PCI-based job
  • Review and select a PCI Training Date (see below for upcoming dates)
  • Register for PCI Training, by sending an email to

On the email subject line, include “PCI Training”

In the body of the email, provide the following information;

First & Last Name

Department of Employment (Seasider, Club, Travel, Financial Services, etc)

Date you would like to attend PCI Training (from available sessions listed below)

Include a written statement that you have read the PCI policies

  • Attend your PCI training session on the scheduled date
  • Sign PCI Acceptable Use Agreements PDF at the end of your PCI training session


PCI Training Dates


PCI Data Security training sessions are scheduled for the following dates. 

Unless noted, all sessions begin at 4pm and are held in the Financial Services conference room.

Attendees should review the BYUH PCI Policies PDF prior to attending.







2013 Fall Semester

Wed, Sept 18th (4pm)

Mon, Sept 23th (5pm)

Thurs, Oct 10th(2pm)

Thurs, Oct 17th(4pm)




2014 Winter Semester

Thurs, Jan 16th (4pm)

Thurs, Jan 23rd (4pm)

Fri, Jan 24th(4pm)

Tues, Feb 4th(4pm)

Thurs, Feb 13th(4pm)