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Travelers Checks

Travelers' Checks

American Express Travelers Checks

Travelers Checks provide safety and peace of mind because, unlike cash, once you've signed them in the upper left corner, they are refundable within 24 hours if lost or stolen. And since American Express Travelers Checks are accepted virtually the same as cash worldwide, they are as convenient as cash without the risk.

When purchasing Traveler Checks, the Cashier Office DOES NOT accept Checks. Customers are NOT ALLOWED to cash check and turn around and purchase Traveler Checks.

American Express Travelers Checks may be purchased at the cashiers window during normal business hours. The inventory is limited, so if purchasing a large amount or specific denominations, please provide 5 day's notice.

For more Cashiers Office information call (808) 675-3718, (808) 675-3724 or (808) 675-3720