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Equipment Surplus/Disposal Procedures

Surplus/Disposal Procedures

  1. Download and fill out the Surplus Form (Use this form if the Asset is still working and can be sold) or the Disposal Form (Use this form if the Asset is not working and needs to be thrown out)
  2. Fax or email the form to Taniela Ikakoula ( (The CIO Signature is not needed for non-electronic/computer equipment)
  3. He will Contact ITI/ITO or CDC and let them know you have equipment that needs to be surplused or disposed of
  4. ITI/ITO will setup a time with you to pickup your equipment
  5. When ITI/ITO or CDC picks up your equipment, give them a copy of the Equipment Surplus Form or Disposal Form (Make sure the form is signed by your Department Head)
  6. ITI/ITO or CDC will not pickup the equipment unless notified by Gideon first
  7. ITI/ITO will then sell or dispose of the equipment and forward the Equipment Surplus Form and/or the Disposal form to Gideon with the CIO's signature when the surplus/disposal is complete
  8. A week from the date I receive the form, your inventory list will be updated with the changes