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Contract Policy

I. Definitions


Any agreement, written or oral, that creates an obligation, right, or liability for the University. An agreement may be a binding contract even though one party provides something of value to the other party at no charge. This policy applies to an initial contract and all amendments, renewals, or extensions of such contract.

Purchase Order:

A legal document issued by the University's Purchasing and Travel Department to a supplier which describes product specifications or scope of work, quantities, and agreed upon prices for products or services will provide. Once accepted, this forms a contract which is generally short term in nature to supply the specified goods and services. It contains standard terms and conditions reviewed and approved by Purchasing and Legal Counsel.

II. Policy

The authority to execute contracts is vested in the officers of the university. The officers may delegate specific authority to others as required to effectively conduct the business of the university. Delegation of such authority shall be done in writing and be included in the appropriate procedures of the department. Purchasing will be included in all contract negotiations unless a specific exception has been approved by an officer of the university.

All contracts including renewals entered into by the University in any capacity other than normal purchases which do not bind the University to repeated purchases or other obligations are to be signed by an officer of the University as only officers of the University are authorized to bind the University contractually. The officers of the University are the President, the Vice Presidents and other designated approved officers. These contracts include but are not limited to personnel, construction, performance, consulting, etc.

The following are the maximum authority limits allowed by officers of the university. Exceptions to maximum limits must be approved by the university President’s Council.

Estimated Dollar Amount

President Vice-President
University Information Officer
Campus Architect
Contract Officer
$100,000 or more
$50,000 to $100,000
$0 to $50,000

* In his absence, the President of the University may assign one of the Vice-Presidents to sign a contract over $100.000. An email sent by President to the designated Vice-President will be sufficient authorization for delegating the signing of contracts. A copy of the email sent by President needs to be attached to the contract.

**The Contract Officer may require the Vice-President of Administrative Services or Operations to countersign documents/contracts that need a second approver

  • The University Information Officer ($100,000 limit), is given the authority to sign documents that bind the University to agreements for all contracts related to his/her areas of responsibility.
  • The Auxiliary Managing Director and Facilities Management Director will be authorized to sign documents for emergency related occurrences up to $100,000.
  • Change orders not exceeding the original contract threshold amount of $50,000, are to be signed by the Campus Architect, or a Vice-President.
  • Change orders exceeding the original contract threshold amounts of $50,000 must be signed by either the Vice-President of Operations or the Vice-President of Administrative Services.
  • Change orders exceeding the original contract amount of $100,000 must be signed by the President of the University.
  • Contracts related to construction, including those designated as “CNA” projects must be signed prior to issuing a Notice to Proceed letter to the contractor.
  • The Purchasing Director is assigned as the Contract Officer of the University.

All signed contracts are to be kept in a repository in the Purchasing Department for filing and recording.