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Computer Hardware, Software, and Peripheral Purchasing Policy

Revised: September 16, 1994 from Kirk Evans, V.P. for Administrative Services


Microcomputer hardware, software, and peripherals of any amount are to be purchased using the campus purchasing department. Each purchase will be reviewed, first by the computer support office (ITS) to ensure that it is within the campus standard and can be supported, then sent on to the purchasing department. If it cannot be supported but is necessary for the function of that office, alternative support should be arranged by the purchaser. Any purchase made without the assistance of the purchasing department will not be reimbursed except through a written appeal to the campus purchasing department.

By following this policy several benefits are accrued.

  1. Purchasing standardized products, where possible, allows us to support the users better and more efficiently.
  2. Purchasing through the campus purchasing office saves money. Often this office has corporate contracts and church contracts, including mail-order houses. Buying a software product at (local computer stores) can cost 50% more than the corporate rates (available through the purchasing department).