Reception, Gift, Food & Refreshment

Reception, Gift, and Food & Refreshment

Revised: February 1, 1993 from Brad Farnsworth, V.P. for Administrative Services


Within approved University guidelines, funds may be used to recognize employees upon retirement and other approved special circumstances. Except where specifically permitted by policy, University or restricted funds are not to be expended for gifts, food or refreshment items.

  • Retirement Reception or Dinner and Gift
  • Gifts for Other Occasions
  • Employee Socials
  • Student Refreshments
  • Business Activities

Retirement Reception or Dinner and Gift

Employees approved for retirement in budgeted and revenue-producing areas may be given a reception, luncheon, or dinner and a gift, which will be financed from a central University budget account. Departmental or restricted funds to which a department may have access may not be used to augment the funds provided by the University. These events may be held on or off campus and be combined for more that one retiring employee.

The amount provided for the reception or dinner and gift is based on the employee's length of service as follows:

Years of Service
2 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 14
15 - 19
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 +

Any remaining balance after the gift has been purchased can be applied to the cost of the reception. However, the remaining balance of the amount allocated for the reception (including flowers and printing costs) may not be applied towards the cost of the gift. Those in charge of the retirement activities must stay within the financial limits established. Payment of expenses incurred should be submitted to the Vice President for Administrative Services.

Gifts for Other Occasions

Gifts for special occasions, such as termination's, birthdays, birth of children, or weddings, should be purchased from funds contributed by coworkers and friends. Departmental funds are not to be used. For deaths of full-time employees and their families see Payments Following the Death of Full-Time Employees Procedure

Employee Socials

The University annually funds two socials for full-time and part-time employees (excluding students) plus partner. These events are under the direction of the President's Council.

In addition to the institution-wide socials, each academic unit is allowed to sponsor one dinner each year. This annual dinner should be the awards banquet for graduates (April and December) and faculty of a given year. Non-student employees and partners of each faculty member, employee, and graduating student are invited. Retired personnel and spouses as well as spouses of deceased employees can be invited.

Each administrative unit also is allowed to sponsor one dinner for each fiscal year. Full-time and part-time non-student employees, retired personnel, partners, and spouses of deceased employees are invited to attend this annual dinner.

Student employees may be invited to attend at the discretion of the chairman/director, but the amount of funds budgeted for the dinner is determined excluding student employees.

The amount the academic or administrative unit may spend from University administered funds for all costs of the occasion (including meals, decorations, entertainment, etc.) is $18 per person. Funds for this purpose are included in the supplies budget of the unit involved. If the cost of the occasion exceeds the amount provided by the University, the extra cost must be paid by the participants. Revenue-producing areas may use their funds for the annual dinner, but these units also must stay within the University dollar limitation.

Student Refreshments

Funds for student socials and refreshments are made available through BYUHSA, campus wards, clubs, and hale organizations. University administered funds (i.e., division supplies) should not be used for student socials or refreshments.

Certain academic units and administrative departments may have circumstances that merit an exception to this policy. Each specific case should be documented and presented to the President's Council for approval.

Business Activities

Budgeted funds may be used for activities with a specific business purpose. Refreshments and meals served at retreats, staff meetings, training sessions, etc. are appropriately funded through the sponsoring unit's budget. However, the frequency of providing refreshments should be held to a minimum Business-related activities should not be counted as the annual dinner for employees discussed above.

Departments must show on all invoices, receipts and other documents for such meals and refreshments on agenda for that meeting which shows the "business purpose and a listing of those who attend."

Budgeted funds may be used for food items required for special programs when the University is to be reimbursed, such as nursery classes, conferences or workshops.

Appropriate meals or reception costs for off-campus guests would generally come from the general and administrative budget of the unit involved. Guests may include prospective faculty members, lecturers, or other special visitors.

Budgeted funds may also be used for de minimis incentives such as providing an incentive or award for good work performance. Such items may include candy, ice cream, or small gadgets. the value of a de minimis gift is not to exceed $50 and should be an infrequent occurrence. cash and cash equivalents (for example, use of gift cards, charge card or credit card) no matter how little are not allowed.