Cashier's Office


Methods of Payment

The Cashiers Office accepts multiple ways of payment. Click here to expand.

Online Payments

To make a payment online follow these steps:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on Student Center.(Left side of screen)
  3. Click on Make a Payment ( Under Finances)
  4. Click on "Make a Payment" Icon (POP UP BLOCK MUST BE DISABLED)
  5. Enter Amount to be paid
  6. Enter Payment type (Credit card/E-check)

Or, if you are an Authorized payerclick here.

In-Person Payments

Methods of payment used to make transactions at the Cashier's Office:

  • Travelers' Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Money order
  • Cashier's check
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) or Debit card

Other Payment Methods

Credit Card Payment by Phone:

  • The person whose name appears on the card is the person making the call.
  • The student I.D. number of the student receiving credit must be known.
  • Cashier phone numbers: (808) 675-3718, (808) 675-3724 or (808) 675-3720

Payment by Mail:
BYUH# Box 1955
55-220 Kulanui street
Laie, HI 96762
Credit Card Payments by Secured Fax Line: 808-675-3346
Fax Payment Form
Payment Form for Return Fare Fee

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Check Cashing Policy

BYU-Hawaii has limits on the ability to cash checks whether you are a student or BYU-Hawaii faculty and staff member. Click here to expand content.

BYU-Hawaii Students

Currently enrolled BYU-Hawaii students may cash personal checks up to $300.
If the amount exceeds $300, approval must be obtained from the Financial Services Controller, or Assistant Controller. BYU-Hawaii and PCC Payroll checks can be cashed up to $400.

BYU-Hawaii Faculty and Staff

BYU-Hawaii faculty and staff may cash checks up to $400 ( no third party checks with the exception of checks written on Ward or Stake accounts).
If the amount is over $400, approval must be obtained by the Financial Services Controller, or Assistant Controller. This does not apply if the faculty or staff member is purchasing traveler's checks or is cashing a check to pay for a purchase made through the Purchasing Department or Travel Services.


1. PCC Payroll checks can be cashed for employees up to $400 limit.
2. Personal check will also be cashed for PCC Administrative employees and for BYU-Provo
employees who are at BYU-Hawaii providing services for our personnel, subject to the
same $400 limit.

Note: When purchasing Traveler Checks or payment for Travel Services, the Cashier's Office DOES NOT accept Checks. Customers are NOT ALLOWED to cash check and turn around and purchase Traveler Checks or Travel Service.

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Cash Refund Policy

This document clarifies BYU-Hawaii policy regarding when cash refunds will be provided to students receiving scholarships and awards, loans, grants, book grants or other university payments. Click here to expand.

Sponsored (GIA / IWES) Students:

GIA (Grant-in-aid) and IWES (International Work Experience Scholarship) awards for tuition, housing and insurance are made directly to student accounts to cover current charges. No refunds will be made for these awards.

GIA and IWES book grants may be refunded, providing the student has no other unpaid charges.

Certain other scholarships and awards made to GIA and IWES students may be refunded. Each academic year a GIA or IWES student may keep the first $1,000 of scholarships or awards earned. Any amount greater than $1,000 will be used to reduce the GIA / IWES awards previously awarded. The first $1,000 of other awards in an academic year may be refunded to the student to the extent they exceed any other unpaid charges.

Short-term student loans may be refunded to the extent they exceed unpaid charges.

Non-Sponsored Students:

Scholarships and awards, grants, and loans administered by BYU-Hawaii may be refunded to students to the extent that they exceed unpaid charges.

Form of Refunds:

Refunds of credit balances in student accounts (a credit balance indicates payments and awards in excess of unpaid charges) will be issued in the form of a check on the following Thursday or Monday. Checks may be deposited into students bank accounts, cashed at the Bank of Hawaii, or cashed at the Cashiers window subject to the Check Cashing Policy. University ID will be required for all refund transactions.

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Returned Check Policy

There are multiply penalties that may occur if a check is dishonored. Click here to expand.

There is a $20 handling fee for dishonored checks. Students with dishonored checks for tuition will be subject to having their registration cancelled and a hold place on their records. in additions to the $20 fee, a $50 late registration fee will be included for tuition payment after the tuition deadline. A payroll deduction will be made for a university employee who does not clear a dishonored check within 14 calender days. All dishonored checks are subject to an outside agency filing. 
Debt notices will be sent to all parties submitting dishonored checks. A dishonored check must be clear within 14 calendar days by bringing in the notice, amount of the debt due and the $20 handling fee to the Cashiers Window in Financial Services. 
There will be a 1 year block on the persons account.

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